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Summary of the MeetingMaterials in 2006

        In the early afternoon of the 23rd of March 2006, around hundred participants arrived and registered for Meeting Materials 2006. Starting with a cup of coffee there was time to visit the info stands of the companies present at the job market. At 14.00 hours it was time for the chairman of the “Bond voor Materialenkennis” to open the symposium and give the floor to the first speaker of the day, Professor Boud Vogelesang. What followed was an impressive history of the development – all the way from the very beginning until the application in the newest generation of airplanes – of the material Glare. Although there was close cooperation with industry, Vogelesang emphasizes that the major part of the work was done by MSc, PhD students and post-docs working at the university. A future vision on the research and development of polymer science in Europe was brought by Gert Berendsen, senior R&D director of DOW Chemical Benelux.

After some coffee and job hopping, Els Zijlstra, specialized in innovative materials, kicked off for the 3rd lecture. With a fresh view on materials, she talked about collecting information on new materials and ways of using them. With her company Materia, she strives to create transparency in the diffuse jungle of exiting materials. Finally, the lectures were closed by Willem van Dreumel, with a more technical story about the developments of thermoplastic composite materials especially for aerospace applications.

After the lectures, it was time to meet the speakers and co-participants during “Speed Dating Materials”. Slots of seven minutes were available to meet and greet your “date”. As soon as the alarm rang, it was time to move on to the next chat partner. This formula proved to be a highly efficient way to get in contact with people sharing the same material-interests. After enjoying a well-deserved dinner, the event was closed with “Corus by Night”, a nightly tour around the Corus site, visiting the impressive continuous casting and hot-rolling plants.

It is beyond doubt, that Meeting Materials 2006 was a great success. To stimulate further cooperation and form a meeting platform for young material-minded people, it was decided that Meeting Materials will be an annual event. Meeting Materials 2007 will be the next opportunity to meet established leaders in the materials field, material minded colleagues and future employers. Meeting Materials 2007 will be hosted by DOW in Terneuzen. We hope to see you all on March 29-30 on the new and improved Meeting Materials 2007.

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